25/07/2019: It’s time for a public–private partnership in national security

23/07/2019: HCM City eyes public-private partnership to bridge resource gap


03/07/2019: The Future Of Space: Private-Public Partnerships Eye Next Moon Landing

29/06/2019: NRI Partner to boost affordable housing in PNG

24/06/2019: More than public-private partnership efforts needed

21/06/2019: PPP Projects Not Included Under China’s Relaxed Special-Purpose Bond Rules

20/06/2019: State Enterprise Policy Office seeks PPP nod for medical hub

17/06/2019: Nairobi’s government remains blind to the matatu

12/06/2019: Public-private development could transform Palmetto Bay

10/06/2019: More than 1,000 families to benefit from the formalization of informal settlements initiative

06/06/2019: Takeda Makes First Private Sector Pledge for Global Fund Replenishment

04/06/2019: Green revolution good model for countries in the fight against poverty, says UNFOA DG candidate

30/052019: Cascade Comp CEO appointed to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission

28/05/2019: China Everbright Water bags $249.7m public-private partnership project in China’s Zhejiang

27/05/2019: ADB approves $7.6 million loan for solar

23/05/2019: Air Force announces partnerships with private tech companies spurring growth in city’s market

22/05/2019: Water Snippets

20/05/2019: Proposed Cox’s Bazar tourism complex hangs in the balance

16/05/2019: Supervisors create ‘adopt-a-road’ program for county roads

13/05/2019: Government not doing enough in healthcare delivery — Expert

08/04/2019: Sustainable partnership and national development

28/03/2019:‘We Will Continue to Appeal for Support for Private Partnerships in Education’ – Says Education Minister Prof. Sonii at GSEF Event in Dubai

27/03/2019: Commission to help finish Air Park project

26/03/2019:The end of America’s planes, trains, and automobiles

25/03/2019: Guest column: Tolls, not gas tax hike, might be best way to fix Louisiana’s sad roads

14/03/2019: Urban renewal bill held in committee for now

6/03/2019: Northern Beaches Hospital’s missing emergency department data

5/03/2019: Access to European markets post-Brexit is ‘a must’ for public services providers

27/02/2019: Edison mayor proposes new public-private partnership with     Suez North America to manage water and sewer systems

7/12/2018: Chile signs public-private commitment to promote electromobility

4/12/2018: World Bank in deal for cancer hospitals


27/11/2018: Another Milestone for Extended Learning Building

26/11/2018: 3,160 healthcare centres registered

22/11/2018: Govt reveals digital transformation master plan.

21/11/2018: Public-private partnership proposed for sidewalks on Poe Drive

13/11/2018: Heart Surgeries In New Medical Deal

09/11/2018: American 1 Event Center Groundbreaking

31/10/2018: Pizza, Potholes And Paint: The New Public-Private Partnership

30/10/2018: Major reforms in the energy sector in Uzbekistan

29/10/2018:The role of PPPs in meeting the UAE’s future healthcare needs

06/07/2018 : Airports to find a new source of revenue

03/07/2018 : LimeBike debuts in Green Bay

02/07/2018 : new PPP to increase the access to HIV 

01/07/2018 : stimulating maize production via PPPs

30/07/2018 : BRICS members involved in first PPP project

19/07/2018 : Rolls Royce awarded sustainment contract 

17/07/2018 : New York’s offshore wind procurement 

16/07/2018 : Bagerhat airport on PPP modes

13/07/2018: Singapore signs MoU with ADB to resolve PPP disputes

12/07/2018: Saudi Arab’s draft PPP law

02/07/2018: PPP impact area homelessness in Central Ohio 

27/06/2018 : Tackling housing shortage in Hong Kong via PPP’s

26/06/2018 : Nigerian government’s PPP plans to improve water supply

25/06/2018 : Barbados to promote internships via PPPs

21/06/2018 : Surrey Newton-Guildford LRT line to be privately operated

19/06/2018 : Private sector investment to boost Nambia’s economic growth

18/06/2018 : Culture Ministry, Creative Armenia sign strategic partnership

15/06/2018 : Abu Dhabi’s plan for schools on PPP

11/06/2018 : PPP – alternate source of financing

07/06/2018 : new transport partnership to reduce traffic on Michigan street

06/06/2018 : El Paso’s children’s museum on PPP modes

05/06/2018 : Israel’s unique PPP position

04/06/2018 : Balakhani Industrial Park – successful example of public-private partnership in Azerbaijan

01/06/2018 : empowering women through public private partnership

31/05/2018 : Renatelsat signs PPP with AUFS

29/05/2018 : Indonesia among top 5 countries attracting private investment 

28/05/2018 : Banking on wetlands via PPPs

21/05/2018 : PPP as main driver for Pakistan’s economic growth

11/04/2018 : Irish courthouse redevelopment on PPP modes

10/04/2018 : Qatari businessmen association (QBA) eyes investment in the US

09/04/2018 : PPP produced good results for Pakistani education sector

06/04/2018 : PPP likely in a bid to buy Panthers

05/04/2018 : UConn Health pursuing a public private partnership

04/04/2018 : AT&T announces partnership for public safety

03/04/2018 : PPPs to achieve SDGs

29/03/2018 : PPPs showing great results in SA

28/03/2018 : Dunkirk’s PPP to get $1M state boost

27/03/2018 : Uganda government asked to uphold PPP terms

26/03/2018 : Rosarito beach desalination plant project via PPP 

23/03/2018 : Airbus signs cooperation framework with Luxembourg

22/03/2018 : International Finance Corporation(IFC) to structure and tender a ppp hospital deal

21/03/2018 : GovSat-1- satellite by GovSat, a ppp initiative, goes operational

19/03/2018 : DP world acquires 90% stake in Indian logistics company

16/03/2018 : PPP guide for Ukrain

14/03/2018 : Kuwait’s PPP structure for national railway project

12/03/2018 : Nigerian state governor calls for increased ppp

09/03/2018 : kenya’s first lady’s ppp plans

08/03/2018 : PPP in the spotlight at GFSI conference 

07/03/2018 : PPP to electrify rural Myanmar 

06/03/2018 : PPP for Manila airport expansion

05/03/2018 : PPP to curb wildlife trafficking in Kenya

28/02/2018: Indian Olympic Association Announces Long-Term Partnership With Edelweiss Group

19/02/2018: PPP – best option to boost infrastructure in Niger delta

15/02/2018: PPPs for Oakland’s bright future

14/02/2018: PPP crucial for Dubai’s future transportation

13/02/2018: improved public infrastructure in Beijing via PPP

12/02/2018: new supply dam for bulawayo on PPP basis

09/02/2018: air transit for Miami on PPP basis

08/ 02/ 2018 : China’s new PPP demonstration projects

07/ 02/2018: Manchester – India partnership to boost ties

06/ 02/2018: PPP to take root in Punjab, Pakistan

05/ 02/2018: Philadelphia planning group weighing on PPP for transportation

02/ 02/ 2018 : PPPs to fight climate change in cocoa supply chain

01/02/ 2018 : PPP to bridge infrastructure gap for Uganda

31/ 01/ 2018 : PPP Disclosure Diagnostic Report and Web-Based Portal Launched in Accra

30/01/2018 :  PPP bill to be presented in the Ghana parliament

29/01/ 2018 : Zambia govt. to enhance economic development via ppp

25/01/ 2018 : PPP to expand bus service in Canada

24/01/ 2018 : China signs MoU with Namibia for agricultural cooperation

23/01/ 2018 : A PPP approach to fix st-johns county’s golf course

22/01/2018 : Innovative financing for SDGs

15/ 01/ 2018 : National CCTV to fight crime in Jamaica

12/01/2018 : PPP for space missions – call by the US president

10/01/2018 : Solar energy project for Kabul approved on PPP modes

09/01/2018 : Interview by IoD President, Nigeria on PPP

08/01/2018 : Plastic Problem alert- over three million pounds collected by recycling partners since 2014

06/01/2018 : State Gets 27 Initial Responses From Private Companies Interested in Widening I-270, Beltway

05/01/2018 : State to build 500,000 ‘decent, affordable’ houses