Subtle but significant changes to private infrastructure investment in first half of 2018

Like winter and summer solstices of investment cycles, every six months we take stock of how much private participation in infrastructure has come to financial close across emerging markets. This is basically effecting countries like Mozambique to Moldova, Chile to China—in power, water, transport, and the backbone of telecom services—the World Bank Group tracks every new public-private partnership (PPP), privatization, auction, concession, lease, and management contract through our PPI Database. The first half of 2018 tells its own story about how developing countries are crowding in private finance and operational efficiency across infrastructure sectors, a process referred to as Maximizing Finance for Development at the World Bank Group. The underlying countries of concentration, sectoral movements, and financial structures provide insight into what kinds of investments are working for both governments and private investors and operators. The data are summarized here, but highlights include: Read more

Evaluating water perspectives in 4 Indian states (PART 3)

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