“People first” PPP for Sustainable Development in India: A new beginning

Author – Surabhi Nagi

Given the current low growth high inflation scenario of the Indian economy, there is little hope that the financial situation can be flipped being completely reliant on the government. Poor economic management coupled with inadequate polices from the government have been the central issues leading India to the vicious cycle of low growth. The country that was projected to grow at 7% reported the GDP growth rate slump to 5.7%. There is a dire need for investments both in core as well as social sector infrastructure to foster employment vis a vis boosting the GDP post GST and demonetization blues. The NDA government at the center is gung ho after the credit rating increase by Moody and a status quo with a positive outlook by S&P. Though, it would boost the confidence of the domestic and foreign investors, it is the need of the hour that both the government and the private players come together to foster new investments to augment the productivity. Productivity enhancing structural reforms that auger well with both the private as well as the public sectors need to prioritized. Read more

Addressing Rural-Urban Divide through PPPs

Authors – Vivek Dahiya and Payal Dey


Needless to say, rural and urban areas are dependent on each
other economically and financially. With most of the rural population surviving on agriculture, they eye urban areas as potential markets to earn profits. Likewise, urban businesses also depend on rural areas for raw materials. For the functioning of this demand-supply cycle, we need “sustainable infrastructure”, which is in deficit in India, more so due to a huge infrastructural gap between two areas. Because of this gap, India is still struggling with economic disparity. Read more

Auditing PPPs – Does CAG have any powers?

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